1. A Wedding Favor That Keeps Giving — Plant a Tree in Each Guest’s Name — “Giving So Much for Less than the Average Wedding Favor”, Jen & Alex’s Story.
    Instead of providing traditional chocolates or candle favors, here’s how one couple shared the love and gave back. Here is one couple’s story and a...
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  2. Amazing Sustainable Alternative Ring Bearer Pillows
    Check out these marvelous sustainable alternatives to the Ring Bearer Pillow! No matter what style wedding you're planning, there's a ring beare...
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  3. 18 Ways to Plan an Exquisite Eco-Friendly Wedding
    Protecting the environment is increasingly important, but luckily, it's also increasingly easy. With new technologies and innovations in science, e...
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  4. Eco-Friendly Wedding Guide
    Eco-Friendly doesn't have to mean a battle against the odds for your wedding. We don't expect you to wage war against your venue if it doesn't ha...
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  5. 7 Bridal Party Gifts That Keep Giving (and your bridesmaids will LOVE them!)
    "Bridal Party Gifts" with impact are so much more meaningful and no less exciting for your bridesmaids. In fact, you'll discover they enjoy this ha...
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  6. 20 of the Most Magical & Unique Organic Wedding Dress Designers for the Eco Friendly Bride
    Every couple has a unique love that is like no other. Brides want to find that one dress that represents their special love and lifestyle. Couples ...
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  7. Couple's DIY Wedding Cake Trick - Spent $50 vs. $500 and still wow your guests
    A resourceful couple getting married on a budget had the ultimate DIY wedding cake at their reception, and it only cost them $50 bucks to throw tog...
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  8. Guide to Eco-Friendly Flowers for your Wedding
    Q: How do I find a florist that uses sustainable flowers? A: Using eco-friendly or sustainable flowers in weddings has become popular over the last...
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  9. Eco Friendly Wedding Tips & Resources to Save Money, The Environment, Beautifully!
    Eco-Friendly Sustainable Wedding Tips and Resources to Save Money, The Environment, Beautifully! Looking for eco-friendly wedding ideas? Planning a...
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  10. 6 Undeniable Reasons to Buy a Used Designer Wedding Gown
    5 Reasons To Buy a Designer Gown that Was Worn Once vs Buying it New. Here are some of the main reasons that might have crossed your mind: 1. Br...
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  11. The Best Eco Friendly Wedding Planners in America and the World
    Every year, weddings seem to grow “bigger and more elaborate”. It seems almost to the point of excess with couples spending more...
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  12. Personal Wedding Style at Half the Cost Including Sustainable Practices
    The average wedding costs about $30,000 and will be your most expensive event paramount to a small film production. So this would be the last place...
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