6 Undeniable Reasons to Buy a Used Designer Wedding Gown

6 Undeniable Reasons to Buy a Used Designer Wedding Gown

by Bonnie Gringer

5 Reasons To Buy a Designer Gown that Was Worn Once vs Buying it New.

Here are some of the main reasons that might have crossed your mind:

1. Bride on a Budget? You can save $1,000s and afford your dream gown.
2. Waste? Uncomfortable contributing another 3 lbs of man-made fiber to the environment that could take up to 1, 000 years to biodegrade?
3. Don’t want to spend your entire paycheck? What about the rent?
4. Sharing it forward makes sense to you- circularity saves everyone and the planet too!
5. Buying your dream wedding dress for $1500+rather than $6, 000?
6. You’d rather not go into debt for your wedding. You’re already trying to figure out how to pay off your student loans well into your retirement… 

When it comes to an item like your wedding dress, you may have your heart set on a designer gown and want the fairy tale wedding. But if your budget is slim and you’re left choosing between uninviting a few tables of your loved ones, canceling the photographer or buying clearance at David’s bridal. All of the solutions are unnecessary if you know where to go to find the best fairy tale options, I have a feeling that that dream wedding dress might be a possibility and your relatives can still celebrate the big day! Luckily, there is a great way to save money on your wedding dress while still scoring the designer gown you’ve dreamed of: buy a secondhand wedding dress!

Sustainable Wedding Shoppers & Stylists

Enlisting a wedding stylist-shopper can help you curate your designer dress for up to 75% off. We found Sustainable Brides based in Savannah with stylists along the east coast. Re-imagining Wedding Shopping for a sustainable and affordable wedding and concierge experience while driving positive change is a great option. Finding your team means finding the perfect dress. This type of professional stylist-shopper is often free, or paid by the seller.

Why Buying a Used Wedding Dress is Better Than Buying New

Le Petra Grebenau

Buying a used dress is better or at least just as good as buying new. Why?Huge Cost Savings at Wedding Consignment, Rentals, and Peer to Peer Marketplaces. You’ll save an average of 60% off the retail price on the same gown purchased it new.In fact, 80% of the used wedding dresses are priced at $1000 or less!

Where to Find Consignment and Resale Wedding Dresses, Rental Wedding Dresses and Sample Sales:

Get a Designer Wedding Dress at a Savvy Price
Popular and top designers are available used, too! Many brides choose to re-sell their wedding dresses after their big day to recoup some of the cost! You could score a highly-coveted designer dress from designers and pay a lot less too so everyone wins including the environment and all-around positive impact. Just because it’s used, doesn’t mean it’ll be cheap. About 15% of used wedding dresses are originally priced above $6, 000 and sell for up to 75% off such as this one selling for 1/3 of the price at $2, 000. You may even find some high-end designer dresses like this fairy tale Cinderella ballerina ball gown!

Used Doesn’t Mean Old

Inbal Dror

Just because a dress was previously owned and worn by another bride doesn’t mean it is out of style or old.

Most Dresses from last year are not much, if any different then dresses this year. That’s one of the benefits of wedding dress resale.

Not All "Used" Wedding Dresses are Actually “Used”

You might not love the idea of wearing a dress that was worn by another bride, but you can still shop on a wedding dress marketplace. You’ll be surprised to know that you can actually find brand new wedding dresses for sale for the price of a used dress because the bride never wore the dress. She might have changed her mind, bought the wrong size, decided to not get married. There are dozens of reasons why new-never worn dresses are being sold for up to 75% off. Contact a Sustainable Wedding Dress StylistShopper to help you find the perfect dress.

Re-using a wedding dress that was worn by a previous bride is one small way you can be less wasteful with your wedding plans! Do your wallet and the earth a favor by choosing a used wedding dress for your big day! Most wedding dresses are made from synthic materials similar to plastic and take $1, 000s of years to biodegrade. Staying out of that negative cycle is a good way to start a new chapter, doing the right thing, and feeling good.

Used Wedding Dresses=Budget-Savvy


Now that you know all the benefits of buying a used wedding dress, do you think you’d take the plunge on a pre-owned wedding gown? Find a Sustainable Wedding Dress Stylist/Shopper Today. They are usually Free for the Bride and get paid by the seller! Wedding Stylist have the time and knowledge to find your classic, boho, alternate and above all else sustainable and discounted dress.

Ines Disanto

Resale Wedding Dresses you will find irresistible and so affordable!

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