About us

A Sustainable & Exquisite Ecosystem

A Bride's Dilemma: We solve the problem almost every bride faces today. She wants a fairytale dress and wedding but can’t spend a fortune. Now every bride can spend up to 90% less and be the exquisite bride at the wedding of her dreams.

Solution: Sharethelove.ly provides consignment, rentals and unique made-to-order wedding dresses to provide a highly sustainable, eco-friendly solution by maximizing the value of under-used assets.

Locally, Lovely's Loft hosts bridal bazaars where the Brides-to-be and the "Mrs" collaborate through bride-cycling of gowns, wedding décor, advice, and stories both online and in-store. Brides can plan and design the wedding of her dreams at a fraction of the cost.

Channel Efficiency: Sharethelove.ly creates ultimate efficiencies and brings together a scattered wedding ecosystem by providing a shared environments at Lovely's Loft in Savannah for learning, shopping and planning in an experiential retail environment.


The majority of brides want the perfect wedding but won't pay astronomical prices. Sharethelove.ly will make exquisite wedding gowns and local services conveniently available to bring together a scattered wedding ecosystem.

Shared Opportunity
A unique online and local smart marketplace offering consignment, rentals, and supporting young designer bespoke (made-to-order dresses) at a fraction of the cost, for the wedding of her dreams. 

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